Robotics for Pandemics

Robotics for Pandemics explores various applications of robots for current global issues such as pandemics and how robotic solutions could combat the virus.

Key Features:

  • Proposes to employ robots to improve the treatment of patients and leverage the load of the medical system.
  • Demonstrates the concept of various robotics in healthcare telepresence, rehabilitation, therapy, and delivery robots to provide social distancing.
  • Explores social robot aesthetics and how social interaction and embodied experience could be useful during social isolation.
  • Includes anecdotes from applications used during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This will be a valuable reference to professionals, academics and researchers in the field of robotics.

Table of Contents

Robotics applications for public health and safety during COVID-19 pandemics   

Mohd Javaid, Abid Haleem, Shanay Rab, Rajiv Suman

Beauty in interaction – a framework for social robot aesthetics (pandemic edition)

Rebekah Rousi, Sini Kolari, Mohammad Shidujaman

Cyber-physical system for automated service of restaurant visitors in conditions of mandatory wearing of masks 

Anton Saveliev, Irina Vatamaniuk, Maksim Letenkov., Roman Lakovlev

Low-cost Delivery and Telepresence Robot for COVID-19 Crisis

Arnon Jumlongkul

Concept of an Autonomous Robot for Medical Services, Rehabilitation, and Music Therapy for Pandemics

Sergey Shushardzhan

Home-automated Robot Massaging for Pandemics

Chunxu Li, Shuo Zhu