Teaching – NTPU

Teaching at the National Taipei University

Yes/No tips for the students in my classes:

– Yes, feel free to ask me any question, I would happily explain but I will never tell you the final answer. I show you the way, you go and find it.

– No, I don’t mind if you make funny jokes in my classes. Well, as long as at least one person laughs, including yourself.

– Yes, I aim to lead to focus on what can be accomplished. I don’t manage you with boring rules.

– No, I don’t teach you “what” to think, I teach you “how” to think

– Yes, work hard and play harder.

– No, you don’t have to only choose robotics related projects to make me happy. Follow your interests and dreams.

– Yes, every student from any department is more than welcome to attend any of my classes.

– No, I don’t assign homework. All my classes are project based.

– Yes, for every second that you sleep in my class one star will die in sky. Don’t kill the stars.

– No, don’t worry about your exam. Care about your future. Also care about the stars.

– Yes, I know, you see different personalities by me in different classes. Maybe we are several brothers with same name, look and office who teach several different courses. And, by the way, we don’t know that guy who looks very similar to us outside the university, Maybe!

– No, don’t be shy . If you don’t know how to start a conversation with me, you can use the magic world: Hi!

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